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Katie Russo

Katie Russo.jpg

Name and age? 

Katie Russo, 24

What age were you when you joined NTA Workshops? 


How many years did you attend NTA Workshops? 

3 (2013-2016), cameos in shows since 

What was your first workshop? 


What was the first character/characters you played? 

Ensemble roles in the Pirates workshop

What was the best workshop you took part in and why? 

Horrible Histories was a favourite, it was so niche and different and we were all so in love with the show and songs already. I also loved doing Strange as the rehearsals were so fun and it was great to bring an original story to life.

What was your favourite character you played and why?

Probably The Snow Queen, to play the title role of a musical has always been a dream and the character was written so beautifully. It was also my last show with NTA so will always hold a special place in my heart. And obviously the Giant Squirrel cameo in A Very Dahl Story is up there!

What is your favourite memory of NTA Workshops? 

The holiday workshops were always so much fun, getting to spend all day with friends and singing and dancing and doing what I loved. I also always looked forward to rehearsals for the weekly workshops, everyone was so committed. One memory that will always stick with me however, happened backstage before The Snow Queen. I was getting in my head about the show and my ability to play the role, and Chris gave me a hug and a pep talk that filled me with confidence that I still take with me now - I will always appreciate him for that.

What did you like about being part of NTA Workshops?

The like-minded friends I made that I am still close to and cherish. Being in an environment where we were treated like grown ups and taught all aspects of theatre. Getting to put on performances I would never have usually got to do and play characters I'd never have imagined playing.

If you could attend one more workshop, which one would you choose to do?

I would probably want to do Pirates 3! As my first workshop, and one me and my friends reference all the time even now, I would love to revisit it.

In your own words, what did NTA Workshops mean and do for you?

I can never thank enough NTA and the people that run it and were a part of it. The workshops and sessions were a vital part in helping me build my confidence and truly ignite my passion for drama. I met friends I would never have met otherwise who I still talk to and reminisce fondly with about NTA. I was able to explore new topics, shows and characters through the workshops. I also must speak for my younger sister, who joined NTA after I left and it was incredible to see her blossom; the difference the performances made to her confidence was amazing and I know she is a more resilient and well-rounded young person now because of it. On top of this, volunteering for the company in the years after I left was so important to me. Being able to support the young people through the shows, running acting workshops and helping with their singing, and being backstage for them on show days showed me how rewarding that side of things could be and helped kickstart my passion and career in teaching, and I am now a drama teacher. I truly cannot speak highly enough of NTA and will be forever grateful for those people who made it such a valuable few years of my life.

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