Founder of NTA workshops, FRSA trained at East 15 Acting School in 2005 and has performed in many stage productions since under the stage name 

Nathan Thompson, as well as having 20 years experience of organising and conducting 

workshops. In the past, Chris has worked with children for numerous theatre in education companies and has been running NTA Workshops under his Sole trading company Nathan Thompson Acting since 2009. Chris has a passion for passing his knowledge onto young people and has seen many of them grow and develop into confident young people and adults.

Chris holds an enhanced DBS/CRB Disclosure and is also First Aid Trained. 




Being a working Mother, Tracy has 18 years worth of experience creating fun and vibrant themed parties for family and friends. Tracy also has three years of experience volunteering with a local scout group and has since joined NTA Workshops in June 2015. Since joining she managed to add vibrancy and a strong marketing presence online, which has boosted NTA Workshops as a whole in her first six months. Tracy's creative design skills have added to the overall look and feel of NTA Workshops productions as well as its branding. During the workshops themselves, Tracy's passion, energy and nurturing nature completes the overall impact of aiding the children and making them feel comfortable, welcome and willing to develop.

Tracy holds an enhanced DBS/CRB Disclosure. Tracy is a Licensed Chaperone and is also First Aid Response Trained. 




Eve has worked at Corringham Primary School for over 25 years. Before that Eve also worked at Lampits Playgroup.

Alongside the Playgroup and school Eve has helped with the local Brownies and is currently a Helper at 4thStanford Brownies and Rainbows. 

Eve has been assisting with NTA Workshops for the past few years and loves helping children understand and learn their parts for each of the shows.

Eve holds an enhanced DBS Disclosure. Eve is a Licensed Chaperone and is also First Aid Response Trained. 


NTA Workshops CIC is a small local organisation that provide drama/musical theatre and performing arts workshops and tuition to young people aged 7 to 16 in Essex. Although it has been operating since 2009, it became a Community Interest Company in 2017, which means the company is now not for profit and is designed to help areas of the community.


NTA Workshops CIC have its key focusses:


  • Provide performing arts tuition to young people

  • Help with public speaking skills

  • Encourage social skills

  • Encourage creativity through application

  • Create a safe and friendly environment


NTA Workshops CIC really encourage young people to help where possible in the creative process and help them to make new friends. We call this our NTA Family as we believe this is a great way to encourage young people to bring out their confidence and their desire to push themselves. 


Whether a child has vast performing experience or they are in need of encouragement, NTA Workshops CIC is dedicated to welcome and help them.



NTA Workshops CIC currently offer a number of products:





These workshops are intensive but fun. They are four days of drama/musical theatre/performing arts workshops, which take place in major school holidays (one in Easter and two in Summer). Using a specific theme (i.e: Grease, Shrek, Wicked, The Greatest Showman, Wizard of Oz, Bugsy Malone, Mary Poppins, Frozen, Aladdin, Beauty and the beast, Lion King). Children work towards a short performance for family and friends on the last day of rehearsal, whilst enjoying games and learning basic performance skills, as well as having fun and spending time with friends.


  • Operates for four days in the school holidays, typically (9.30am to 3.30pm)

  • Fun, relaxed atmosphere where the purpose is to enjoy the process rather than prepare for the show

  • Work towards a (30-45 minute) 'closed' performance at the end of day four

  • Sessions are run by two experienced professionals, both of which have obtained an enhanced CRB disclosure. 

  • Volunteers and ex-NTA children have an opportunity to help where possible

  • Children receive a free T shirt of the workshop as a souvenir 





NTA Workshops Performing Clubs provide a fun, “outside of school” regular drama/musical theatre/performing arts club, whereby the participants will work to produce a (90 minute performance of two acts plus and interval). The scripts are written by one of our teachers, and are written bespoke for each group. Our two teachers provide the producing and directing of these workshops, as well as providing all the necessary items needed for putting on a performance (ie: Costumes, Props, Set pieces), as well as all the merchandise needed (ie: Programmes, Photo’s, and DVD copies of the performances). This is very similar to your standard performing arts clubs and runs weekly for two hours in the evening, weekly during the school term. 


  • Operates weekly between (6pm and 8pm)

  • (Mondays - Corringham) and (Tuesday’s - Canvey Island)

  • Works towards a larger scale production in front of an audience of around 80 - 100 people

  • Sessions are run by two experienced professionals on a regular basis. Both of which

       have obtained an enhanced CRB disclosure

  • At the beginning of each project, new recruitment is encouraged to make sure no 

       child is missing out




NTA Workshops CIC likes to take part in local events and give back to the community where possible. This may include School Fetes, Canvey Carnival and other events that maybe going on locally. We also apply and run grant funded projects to take a handful of songs to retirement homes so that we can bridge the gap between age groups in our community. 


Recruitment for this is usually taken on a voluntary basis from our NTA Family who have been working on songs or scenes in our other workshops. We find this a great way for the children to show off or practise in front of an audience.